What is My PRIMARY PURPOSE in Life?

Life holds out to us a huge variety of things which we may allow to absorb our time, resources and our very lives. No matter what the subject may be, sooner or later we discover that it was all a mirage if we miss the primary purpose for life.

Only ONE subject is eternal and that is God himself. Some of the most tender chapters in the Bible are John 13 thru 17. These were the closing days of the Lord’s earthly life as He spent them with His disciples in great concern for them (and for us) before He went to the cross to suffer and pay for our sins.

The great prayer of Lord Jesus Christ is recorded in Chapter 17. In verse 3 He made this statement …

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

When a person comes to Jesus Christ and by faith asks for forgiveness, acknowledging Him as their Savior, God gives them all the “tools” they need to enable them to KNOW GOD. Unfortunately, some children of God assume that once they are saved and spiritually “born again,” they may now lay back and not even think about knowing God better. In addition, they may treat God like their personal servant instead of their Lord! God is not a real part of their everyday life. He is just called upon when they have a problem and blamed if it is not solved immediately and often blamed that they even had the problem in the first place!

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