Okay God, here goes….

So first of all, in my life I’ve had the opportunity to manage and quit a few places and one of the things I’ve most definitely learned is that you shouldn’t ask people to do something that you’re not willing to do, if you are able.

I grew up in Duncanville, TX. It’s just south of Dallas and really not very big. When I was there, their High School sports were pretty big but that’s about it. I got married at 27 in a house, not a church. I make that point because my entire life I was an atheist. I could have even been called a mocker or a scoffer; God was a crutch that people used to get by. All of the people that grew up knowing God have my respect. That truly is my greatest regret. Especially looking back and seeing all the times He was trying to reach me. Just stupidity on my part. Arrogance. Pride.

I recall going to church with my grandparents as a young kid, though most of the details are very hazy. It seems to me that the environment was very nice, very clean, but I couldn’t tell you one word of what was said. And, I never bothered to learn. Because, who cares. It’s so fantastical, it couldn’t possibly be true. Idiot!!!!   ……….

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