The Cancer of Sin cannot be cured with a band aid of RELIGION!

Jesus Christ


“You MUST be

Being spiritually “born again” is a wonderful life and eternity changing experience… and it’s a gift from God…yours for the asking!

By surrendering your will to God believing and calling on Jesus Christ to forgive and save you, you thus actually become Almighty God’s child with marvelous blessings and privileges. Jesus Christ Himself will take up residence within you ready to direct and strengthen you.

Your sins will be all forgiven and you will have eternal life. You will be assured by God that you will one day be in heaven with Him.

The term “born again” helps us realize that like a new born physical child we have much to learn and, thank God, the Holy Spirit is ready to teach us.

The question is, are we ready to listen? Make no mistake, our enemy, Satan, wants to destroy us because we will now belong to God! We thus very much need God’s wisdom, strength and protection.

Our new Father has also told us His will in written form that when obeyed will lead us to glorify our Savior and Lord and also bless us. We thus must read the Bible often praying that God will help us to understand. Too often Christians act as though God is their servant when just the opposite is true.

We are not wise enough in and of ourselves to know what is best for us and not intelligent enough to know how to accomplish it if we did. Thank God we may trust Him who loved us so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer a terrible death to pay for all our sins.

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