A True Imaginary Story

Suppose that when a person was “born again” by believing that Jesus Christ lived the life they could not live and then died to pay the full penalty for their sins and they called on the Lord to save them, the Lord immediately took them up to heaven and he or she had a face to face conversation with Almighty God that went something like this…

“I have given my life for you and you have accepted the fact that you were helpless without Me. Now you have called upon Me to save you and I have. You are my beloved child and I love you with infinite, everlasting love. I have washed you in My blood, cleansing you from all your sins, past, present and future. You will always be Mine. I have entered your heart and will never leave you. I will always be closer than a whispered prayer. Thus, you are a new person and, as such, I have a mission for you.

I am going to send you back to earth to do two things. First, I want you to read and pay attention to My written word, the Bible, and my leading of you through My Spirit that is within you. I will send others who are older and more experienced to help you also. I want you to learn many things and grow spiritually with the goal of being more like My Son, Jesus Christ. I don’t expect you ever to be perfect like Him until I make you that way when I bring you back here, but that is to be your goal. He lived unselfishly and always did what I wanted Him to do. Your first goal is to attempt to do that, little by little and day by day. I know you will fail at times, but that is all part of the maturing process so you will learn to lean on Me for your strength, comfort, wisdom and courage.

My second Goal for you is to represent Me to angels, principalities and powers in heavenly places, as well as before men on earth. All will be watching you to see what a difference My living in your heart can make. This is a blessed privilege that only my children, like you, have. Remember that.

You are going to have to face many trials and disappointments, for ‘a little while.’ There are several reasons for this. For one, I am sending you back to a world over which our enemy, Satan, is the god (until I return to earth in flaming vengeance and take it back). You will see those around you who seem to be prospering according to the world’s standards of success… money, power, ease, popularity, etc., but in truth, they are really hurting and failing because they do not have Me inside them. They are living according to Satan’s rules, not Mine, and will one day get the terrible results of serving him. Do not envy them nor practice their ways.

Another reason you will face trials at times while there, is because I am going to be allowing these trials to mature you. If everything there was easy and happy, you would soon forget Me and the hope of heaven and fall into sin, causing our fellowship to be interrupted. I do not walk in the darkness of sin and you should not either. So, when you have trials and temptations, remember, no matter what they are or how difficult or impossible they may seem, I love and care about you infinitely and will make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it. Call on Me and then patiently trust Me to help, and meanwhile, be sure to continue to do My will no matter what or how long it takes! I will strengthen you and give you peace in the midst of the storm if you will allow me to.

On a day that is unknown to you, I will bring you back here to be with Me forever! I personally will place a “crown of righteousness” on your head and clothe you in a pure white robe after I judge your works and turn into gold, silver and precious stones those times that you sacrificed for Me and obeyed me.

Now, go, and I will be with you!”

The only difference between the above imaginary story and the truth is that the Lord did not take us to heaven. He gave us these same instructions through His word while we are still here… Now go, and the Lord will be with you.

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